D i f f E n g i n e X   L L C  

Compare & Find Differences In Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) Macros In Two Different Workbooks / Spreadsheets.

DiffEngineX is a software application which finds the differences between the VBA (Visual Basic for Application) macros, classes and modules embedded in two different Microsoft Excel workbooks. It, of course, also finds the differences between the formulae and values of the actual worksheets, along with the Excel defined names and cell comments.

The Excel VBA difference report is display in your default web browser. Internet Explorer and Firefox are recommended. DiffEngineX contains an advanced Visual Basic macro diff algorithm. Most diff utilities report movements of text up and down in a file as unlinked deletions and additions. DiffEngineX will indicate moved lines of code with the colors blue and gray. Red and green are for deletions and additions.

Without DiffEngineX, manual steps of exporting all your VBA modules and classes to the local filesystem before using a standard text diff utility would be needed.

DiffEngineX runs on any Microsoft Windows operating system and requires any version of Excel or Office to be installed (Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010 or Excel 2013 / Office 365).

A free trial of DiffEngineX can be downloaded from here.

Instructions on how to diff Excel VBA can be found here.

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