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Find Excel Workbook Differences

DiffEngineX generates a difference report in a new workbook and color highlights different cells in automatically made copies of your workbooks. Each reported cell difference can be optionally hyperlinked to the relevant cells in your original Excel spreadsheets.

As Excel worksheets get modified over time new rows and columns can be inserted in between existing ones. This can confuse a straightforward comparison where identical cells are only recognized as such if they have the same row and column numbers in both of the worksheets being compared. DiffEngineX can align both similar rows and columns between the worksheets being compared by the insertion of empty cells.

Conventional reports listing each cell difference are difficult to understand given the lack of context. This is why there is an option to automatically create copies of the worksheets being compared and color the differences.

It is common in workbooks modeling certain financial scenarios to have blocks of tens to hundreds of equivalent formulae that only differ from their neighbors in terms of their inputs. The absolute coordinates of these inputs change from one cell to the next, but the relative coordinates do not. If a newer version of such a workbook is compared to an older one, hundreds of changes can potentially be reported. This makes a difference report tedious to inspect. DiffEngineX has a powerful feature to group equivalent changes made to adjacent cells into just one reported change made to a range of cells. This option needs to be turned on.

The options available allow users a choice between comparing formulae directly or by their calculated values. For example if two cells containing =3*4 and =6*2 are compared directly they will reported as different. If they are compared by their calculated values they will be reported as identical.

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find excel workbook differences