Academic Articles Referencing DiffEngineX

We have found several academic articles referencing DiffEngineX.

DiffEngineX is a true difference tool for Excel workbooks, which correctly handles row/column insertions and deletions and their effects on formulae. It offers two different row alignment algorithms. Use Alignment Plus not only aligns similar rows, but makes sure unmatched rows are always paired with a blank row (in the other workbook) such that deletions and additions can be easily color highlighted and inspected. "Options->Hide Matching Rows, but show 4 rows on either side as context" is a powerful way to see all the differences at once with a little context on either side. DiffEngineX remains unique in its scalability.

Harutyunyan, Anna, et al. "Planted-model evaluation of algorithms for identifying differences between spreadsheets."


Doctoral dissertation, University of Otago 2010.

Chambers, Chris, Martin Erwig, and Markus Luckey. "SheetDiff: A tool for identifying changes in spreadsheets." IEEE Int. Symp. on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing. 2010.

Comparing Excel Workbooks With Event Handlers

Version 2.28 of DiffEngineX has improved handling when comparing Excel workbooks containing event handlers such as Workbook_Open and Workbook_BeforeClose. If your Excel spreadsheets make substantial use of VBA macros we recommend you upgrade to this version.

(DiffEngineX automatically creates temporary workbook copies before the process of reporting and highlighting differences, so your original files are untouched.) A new option has been added to the Extras dialog allowing the user to make hidden workbooks visible.

DiffEngineX On Windows 8 RC

DiffEngineX is a desktop application that loads two Microsoft Excel workbooks from the filesystem and reports on the differences between them. It is not an Excel add-in.

DiffEngineX has been tested on Windows 8 Release Candidate and it has been found to work.

We currently offer three different size downloads for DiffEngineX. Only the largest size one that has been built against the latest Microsoft libraries and runtimes will successfully install on Windows 8. On our download web page it is labelled as being the "newest build" one.

All our DiffEngineX downloads will work on Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP and Windows Server. Microsoft Excel (or Office) is a prerequisite.

Loading Excel Workbooks With Large Pivot Tables

Version 2.27 of DiffEngineX has now been released.

With the release of Excel 2007, Microsoft increased the maximum size of pivot tables. DiffEngineX can now compare Excel workbooks containing these larger tables.

The presence of embedded Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros containing event handlers has been found to occasionally cause problems on slower computers when DiffEngineX is comparing their parent spreadsheets. This issue is now fixed.

FindMySoft Video Review Of DiffEngineX

The software directory website FindMySoft has produced a short video review on how to use DiffEngineX to find the differences between two Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Their intention was not to create a full video review. Certainly we can see there is nothing in their video about Excel row alignment or pre-sorting Excel rows first (using Excel's Data tab), which is an issue that can catch some users out the first time they use DiffEngineX. (If you are comparing formulae based workbooks, you can ignore this extra step.)

Their video review can be found here.

FindMySoft DiffEngineX Award

Filters And Hidden Rows

Excel rows and columns may be hidden directly. Filters make some rows invisible, allowing the user to see just the rows of interest. If a row is invisible it is either because it has been hidden or filtered out.

Previous versions of DiffEngineX could show hidden rows and columns before comparing all the spreadsheet cells. Version 2.26 of DiffEngineX makes visible previously filtered out rows along with hidden cells. The cells are made visible in temporary workbook copies. Your original workbooks are untouched.

The functionality to make hidden and filtered out cells visible is now turned on by default when using DiffEngineX from either its user-interface or from the command prompt.

When invoked from the command prompt, DiffEngineX will now color differences at the cell level without /colordifferences having to be explicitly specified.

If you make use of filters or hidden rows and columns, it is recommended that this option is kept turned on.