Miscellaneous Small Changes

Version 2.21 of DiffEngineX contains the following changes:

Fixes problem when comparing by Their Calculated Values and the workbooks were saved without formula recalculation.

Small problem with hyperlink navigation fixed. Only occurs when compact contiguous changes selected and range includes commas.

Better handling of comma separated value files when using command line arguments. CSV files are automatically converted into Excel workbooks during the comparison process. As such the contents of each csv file are placed into a worksheet in a new workbook. The name of this worksheet is the same as the filename minus the .csv extension. The sheets parameter must always be specified when comparing csv files. Note that comma separated value files with identical filenames cannot be compared. A sample command is given below.

"C:\Program Files\Florencesoft\DiffEngineX\DiffEngineX.exe"
/inbook1:a.csv /inbook2:b.csv
/report:report1.xlsx /outbook1:outbook1.xlsx /outbook2:outbook2.xlsx
/colordifferences /addhyperlinks /sheets:a,b

Fixes crash when Workbook Calculation is set to Automatic except for data tables.

Fixes problem when a merged cell is the last (bottom, right) cell in a worksheet.