Macro Enabled Workbooks *.xlsm

The /outbook1 and /outbook2 command line switches can now be used to save color highlighted macro enabled workbook files. Color is used to mark the differences. Versions prior to 2.23 would always save files as the default Excel workbook regardless of the file extension specified by the user. This would require the user to dismiss warning dialogs.

A sample command line is shown below.

"C:\Program Files\Florencesoft\DiffEngineX\DiffEngineX.exe"
/inbook1:book1.xlsm /inbook2:book2.xlsm
/outbook1:outbook1.xlsm /outbook2:outbook2.xlsm
/report:report1.xlsx /comparevisualbasic:"C:\Users\John\Documents"
/colordifferences /show

Although the command line shown here is split across several lines, make sure your one is contained on a single line.

/outbook1, /outbook2 and /show are all optional parameters. If /show is used, /report does not need to be specified.