Text Diff Tool For Microsoft Word & Excel 2013

A free 30-day trial of our tool to compare text in Microsoft Word and Excel 2013 is available from the Microsoft Store.

N.B. When comparing multiple Excel rows, as shown in the video, it is better to compare at the level of words than characters. It is primarily a text diff tool. DiffEngineX is our full featured Microsoft Excel compare software.


{besps_c}0|excel1.png|Excel 2013 App: Comparing Two Lists|{/besps_c}
{besps_c}0|excel2.png|Red and green for deletions and additions|{/besps_c}
{besps_c}0|excel3.png|Only showing the differences|{/besps_c}
{besps_c}0|word1.png|Word 2013 App: Comparing Text|{/besps_c}
{besps_c}0|word2.png|Blue and gray for moved up and down|{/besps_c}
{besps_c}0|word3.png|Just the changes|{/besps_c}
{besps_c}0|word4.png|Just the changes, but reordered lines omitted|{/besps_c}
{besps_c}0|word5.png|Choice of two panes or single pane for the differences|{/besps_c}