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About DiffEngineX's Unique Advantages

DiffEngineX is one of the few Excel workbook compare utilities that generates its reports as Excel workbooks & it is FAST! DiffEngineX generates three workbooks. Two are color highlighted copies of your original spreadsheets - color is used to mark the differences. The third is a cell-by-cell listing of all the differences. Optionally each difference listed in the difference report can be hyperlinked to both the original and colored workbooks. Functionality on the Extras dialog box allows matching rows to be hidden. This allows you to immediately see the differences on the color highlighted workbook copies. With Excel's built-in functionality to allow you to view the two copies side-by-side, you can easily see all the differences in their original format.

Other compare utilities generate their reports in a Windows user interface control. With a large number of differences, performance can be sluggish. Having reports in Excel workbook format is a huge advantage.

Although there are a large number of Excel compare utilities, they mainly only compare the spreadsheet cells. DiffEngineX will also compare the Excel comments, defined names (named ranges) and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) macros.

Unlike the majority of Excel compare tools, DiffEngineX will ignore numeric differences below a specified threshold. If you are comparing two financial models, you may not want to have reported all the tiny, insignificant differences. DiffEngineX can round numbers up to a certain number of decimal places before comparison or ignore differences below a certain value or percentage.

To date DiffEngineX is the only Excel compare utility we have seen that can optionally highlight Excel differences at the character level. You have the choice between seeing character level differences on either automatically made copies of your workbooks (Main User Interface->Highlight Character Level Differences) or on the difference report (Options->Color in red...).

Spreadsheets used for financial modelling often have large blocks of equivalent formulae. If the block's formula changes, the difference report can end up reporting the same difference tens to hundreds of times. DiffEngineX has the option to group adjacent like changes together and to report the change to a range of cells.

Obviously DiffEngineX allows you to choose whether you compare workbook formulae or their calculated values. White space and the differences between upper and lower-case letters can be optionally ignored.

By default, hidden cells and filtered rows are made visible in the workbook copies before a comparison takes place.

The Extras dialog allows you to choose what colors are used to highlight cell differences and to optionally remove existing workbook color allowing the differences to be clearly shown.

Your original spreadsheets are left unaltered by DiffEngineX as any modifications are always made to automatically made workbook copies.

DiffEngineX has a large number of users and is a fast, scalable and reliable software application.