Calling DiffEngineX From A Script, Software Or The Command Prompt

Invoking Excel Difference Software From Command PromptDiffEngineX is an executable (*.exe) file that compares Excel workbooks. It is usually run from its user-interface, but it can also be invoked with command line arguments. As such multiple Excel file comparisons can be automated in a *.bat or *.cmd file. Alternatively DiffEngineX can be simply called from the Windows Command Prompt.

The simplest invocation of DiffEngineX is given below.

"C:\Program Files\Florencesoft\DiffEngineX\DiffEngineX" /inbook1:"a.xlsx" /inbook2:"b.xlsx" /report:r.xlsx

If you are using Excel 2003 or earlier, please replace .xlsx with .xls.

It is also possible to call DiffEngineX from Microsoft .NET code using Microsoft's Process class.

A full list of DiffEngineX exit codes and command line arguments is found in our detailed help file.

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