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I've just used it and it saved me about an hour's worth of work, thank you!


I'm a big fan of DiffEngineX.  I don't use it often, but when I do it is very helpful.
Thanks for creating a product that has helped solve some real headaches on occasion


Hi there,
I've been using your program for quite a while now, and I love it.
Thank you.


I love this program.
Emily, CPA


Comparing folders of Excel files

I downloaded your new version - well done, so neatly separated, keeping the old look and add a new function.
Comparison in pairs and for the "changed"  cases works fine, too, and I like the easy link to get the complete report for particular comparison.

Even other files than excel are allowed in the folder :-) There is one more functionality which could be interesting - compare 2 folders which each two or 3 excels and compare them in all combinations, independent of the file name (file 1 folder 1 with file 1 folder 2; file 1 folder 1 with file 2 folder 2; file 1 folder 1 with file 3 folder 2; etc.). But this might be too seldom a case to develop software/ or might be organized with batch files.

A big thank you to DiffEngineX team for the extremely friendly and personalized way I was treated as a customer, not to mention that questions were answered within hours, in weekends as well at late hours.


Compare a large number of spreadsheets
I have been using a trial license for your DiffEngineX compare tool and am positively impressed by its speed, ease of use and transparency of results! I will be using your software for the project I am working on!

That project includes comparing a large number of financial reports (about 180), each with several tabs(sheets), up to 74. I'll have to compare these at least 2 times, maybe 3.

Do you have any suggestion, tool or service to make this job any easier?

I hope to hear from you!



If you wish to compare the same 180 Excel workbooks multiple times, you may wish to run the DiffEngineX comparisons from a Windows .bat or .cmd file. Make sure you use del filename.xlsx to delete the old difference reports and color highlighted workbooks, otherwise the second time around the .bat file won't work.

Please refer to the following web pages for instructions.

This one is important as it shows how you can check ERRORLEVEL. If ERRORLEVEL is anything other than 0, you should inspect the difference report for either for a list of differences or a possible error message.

Your tool has bailed me out of some very sticky messes, where eyeballs and hours would been the only other choice.

Excel VBA code comparisons

I ran the trial version and it found the differences I had not seen by hand.  It only took a couple minutes to compare two 4MB files (67 sheets each, 9 macros)!  DiffEngineX is certainly a smooth, well-designed product that does its work very thoroughly .  The tutorials got me going in just a few minutes and I then found the program very easy to use.  The peace of mind I got by knowing exactly where the differences were and that there weren't any more makes buying the program a no-brainer.  Yes, I bought it already.

Thanks for a superb piece of software that really met my needs!


Thank you again for the installer and it’s great to support somebody who knows downtown .... so well.  My analysts love DiffEngineX and I’m glad to be able to support you in your endeavors.
Actuarial consulting company

Thanks for your quick reply.

I'd like to thank you for writing DiffEngineX. It made it easy to compare large spreadsheets with many changes, and it was well worth the price.


Outstanding experience so far

This program really works. In my experience it compares large spreadsheets in a short period of time, and can even do letter-by-letter comparison. (I use it primarily for legislative documents like budget acts, etc.)

None that I've noticed so far.

Creates three different spreadsheets that summarize and show off the differences between documents being compared. In my experience so far, the performance has been rock solid


downloaded trials but found yours to be the best one out there
Google Search, I had been searching a number of products and downloaded trials but found yours to be the best one out there. I've also forwarded on the link to people always comparing excel files to find differences.

Thank you, I have to tell you I think this software is fabulous and is exactly what I have been looking to find for some
time now.

Works Great
Yes I was able to compare both the workbooks that you sent me.  Works Great.  This will make updating products in our online store so much easier.  Thank You Very much for the help with this and for the quick response.

Thank You and Have a Great Day!

Thanks so much.
BTW, I really like your program.  It allowed me to easily compare some very complicated spreadsheets quickly and almost effortlessly!  It is a tool I will keep in my kit as long as I work with Excel.

Thanks again,
Alice Y

best value for the $
Your produce seems to be the best value for the $; I evaluated a few.

need to get changes from two 700 row spreadsheets combined into one updated file
It seems that you were able to get it working well and I will be able to reconcile the two sheets.

Thanks so much for all your help; it is greatly appreciated and if this is any indication of DiffEngineX, I'd recommend the software to anyone. How refreshing to have such good support.
Sue Ellen White


The reconciliation as you instructed did work well and I got the two data sets sorted and the differences highlighted so I could see the discrepancies and note or resolve them. The solution DiffEngineX provided saved me hours of hand work.

A most useful product. And your tech support is suburb. Thank you very much.

Sue Ellen White

Huge time saver
Pros: Very powerful program. Huge time saver. Overall, I'd say it is absolutely worth the money... I will be buying it after the trial period.

Cons: None really... it takes a bit of playing around to get a good feel for how it works... but it's worth it... so it's not really a con.

Summary: I needed to compare two spreadsheets (about 1500 rows and 20 columns each). I downloaded several excel compare programs and got nowhere... decided to do it manually.

It took me an hour to find what I was looking for using vlookups and if/then statements. I knew there had to be a better way.

It looked like this program had some decent reviews so I tried it out. It took me about an hour to figure out how to get it to kick out what I was looking for... but now I could do it in 5 minutes. This program absolutely ROCKS. I will buy it after the trial period. If you need to compare big spreadsheets - this is an excellent choice. Highly recommended!!! This is a very powerful program. I've downloaded hundreds of programs in the last decade and this is the first time I've felt compelled to write a review. One last thing... something that is not immediately obvious - you can insert data filters on the results spreadsheet by highlighting the blank row between the data and the headers... you can also hyperlink all the results so if something looks interesting, you can just click on it...


THANK YOU!!  I appreciate the quick response, and I would also like to say that your software has saved me MANY MANY hours of work! Excellent Product!

Jennifer Pelton
JP Government Contract Services

Extremely useful program
Pros: Program allows you to rapidly compare large volumes of data in two spreadsheets. We have found dozens of uses for the program.

Cons: Learning curve is a bit steep if you are not reasonably comfortable with Excel. Color coding is difficult to understand.

Summary: One of the most useful programs I have ever used. Does one thing and does it very well. I have used this program on a daily basis to compare enormous spreadsheets containing hundreds of thousands of lines and nothing makes it easier to identify duplicates and/or unique lines. You will find uses you never dreamed of.

Prompt response. Recommended vendor.

DiffEngineX is a very useful product for anyone looking to keep track of changes is one or multiple Excel spreadsheets. The update process is not very robust, in that you manually remove the previous version and then reinstall the new version. A purchase allows 1 year of upgrades, but after that you need to be careful. Updates will not work unless you upgrade. I went through the update process to find the new version did not accept my old key. The staff at DiffEngineX was understanding and got me back up and running. Very useful program overall.

product works very well, versatile, incl. with Excel 2010 (trial version) and between previous Excel versions (2010 against 2003). Precious when working a home and at the office (mix up versions) and for easy & accurate reconciliaton. Good support related to licence (I need both the product at my consulting office and at my clints) and did not want to buy 1 for each client (me using it)


tried a bunch of different programs and yours came out best

I search the web, tried a bunch of different programs and yours came out best in my opinion.

If you update the software, will I then be able to reuse this code or do I have to buy a new licence?

Karl-Anton Dorph-Petersen, MD, PhD
Centre for Psychiatric Research
Aarhus University Hospital

Move over sliced bread!
Even better than sliced bread. This tool went through spreadsheets that we revisions apart and gave me everything I needed to know in seconds.

Would have taken me at least three hours to do what the tool did and I probably would have missed some.

I've sent a message about this tool to all of the colleagues in my company with high recommendations.  ;D



fast and cheap for the time it saves
You are marvellous! This took me 1 minute and it's done exactly what I wanted. By the way, there were over 1000 discrepencies ... $70 is CHEAP for the amount of time this saved.

Roann Jezowski
Coapt Systems, Inc.


Thanks for building such a great product!
Thank you for assisting me earlier this week. I installed the latest version and used my standard registration key. Everything went perfectly. Thank you for your help, and thanks for building such a great product!

Christopher Hamilton
Senior Consultant, Sales and Strategic Development, Global Public Services
Management & Technology Consultants


Compare complex spreadsheets and ease of use
I came across DiffEngineX through a Google search after failing to find a similar facility in Microsoft. I had an urgent need to compare some complex spreadsheets and was very impressed with its ease of use and the fact it highlighted exactly the information I needed. I find it useful in checking what has really changed between spreadsheet versions when sent copy after copy! I make regular use of the product.

Keith Dobbs


It's a real time-saver..
I've used it a few times already, and found it to do exactly what it says on your web-pages

Khushnood Viccaji
VSNL, Mumbai, India


yours looked like the best product
Google search for Excel diff - yours looked like the best product...key was the free (painless!) 30 day trial that allowed me to try the software out.

Good approach!
Mike Hubbell
Data Research and Analysis Corporation

brilliant for big lists
Pros: it works, and works well using the align row feature, you can compare big lists that might have some small differences like a row added or deleted here or there, as well as cell differences

Cons: i downloaded 8 other excel comparison software programs before i tried this one! d'oh



I have received the registration key, thank you, the software is excellent but if possible, the support service is even better!